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Jet Orientation Course


This course will prepare you for the world of airline jet flying with 12 hours of simulator instruction. Whether you are a PPL, hungry for aviation knowledge, a general aviation commercial pilot making the jump to airlines, or an experienced Airbus pilot preparing for a transition to Boeings, this course will challenge and educate you.

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Based on 737-800 or 787


Course materials – JOC Manual

A session to help set up your sim and get acquainted with the manuals and software

12.5 hours of one-on-one instruction

  • Intro to handling jets - 2.5

  • Automation - 2.5

  • Approaches - 2.5

  • Intro to adverse weather and non-normals - 2.5

  • Line orientation flight - 2.5

25 hours of directed independent study

How it works

Airline Interview Preparation


In the hyper-competitive world of the aviation job market, and often life-long commitments to the majors, landing the right airline job the first time can be worth millions in lifetime earnings. Give yourself the confidence, skills and knowledge to succeed.

Can be conducted in 737, 787 or A320 or others. Will be tailored to your airline of choice

  • Ground Training – JOC - 2 hrs

  • Sim Training – 2 x 2.5 hr Sim Session, engine running

  • Interview Questions – 2 hrs

How it works

Multi-Crew Training Course


Our multi-crew training course can be standalone if you have previous experience and knowledge about jet aircraft, or can be added onto the Jet Orientation Course to take your jet training to the next level with multi-crew cooperation. Learn how to interact as a pilot of a two-crew operation with our tailored course from a basic line-oriented flight to gradually more challenging conditions like severe weather and technical failures.

Conducted in 737-800, 787, or A320



Course materials

12.5 hours of one-on-one instruction

  • Line Flight and Non-Normal Checklist - 2.5

  • One Engine Inoperative Take-off and Diversion - 2.5

  • Emergency Descent - 2.5

  • Revision - 2.5

  • Final Check - 2.5

20 hours of directed independent study

How it works

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