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How it works

Computer Setup​


After signing up, we'll help you get your home simulator and all the necessary communication software all sorted out. This will involve installation of Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d, the relevant aircraft add-on, and Discord. We will use Discord for voice communication and for allowing your screen to be shared with the instructor (or vice versa).

You will have access to some training materials prior to your first session that will cover all the curriculum of the course. The sim time will build on this considerably, so the more study prior to and between the sim sessions, the more you will get out of the course.

After each sim session you will need to take some time in the simulator by yourself to go over the content learned in the previous sessions. Some direction will be given for these independent study sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use Prepar3d? Can I use (FSX/Xplane/MSFS2020)?

Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d is required for the course. PMDG's 737 NGXu is used because the aircraft systems are modeled in exceptional detail. All switches in the cockpit are functional as on the real aircraft, and the actual aircraft systems are modeled behind the scenes, meaning that flicking a light switch increases electrical load, which is reflected on the ammeter. Or when lowering flaps, the hydraulic fluid moving through the system and changing pressure is modeled and reflected on the correct gauges. And all the real life 'tricks' for handling the CDU and FMC are modeled in the software. It offers true training-level detail!

That being said, if you wish to use an aircraft other than the 737 just ask and we'll see if we can accommodate.

What else do I need for the course?

For this course you will require:

  • a desktop computer capable of running Lockheed Martin Prepar3d v4 or v5

  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3d v4 or v5, Academic version

  • PMDG Boeing 737-NGXu add-on for P3d v4 or v5

  • a headset with microphone

  • a joystick with throttle control

  • Discord (a free program for voice communication and screen sharing)

  • free time to practice on your own between each sim session

How do I pay? If I'm not happy can I have a refund?


We'll invoice you for the entire course fee after the first lesson for payment by credit card. If, after the first lesson, you decide this is not for you we can end the course with no payment necessary. To date no one has taken us up on this option!

Can I pay in installments?


Yes, we can arrange a pay-as-you go invoicing.

Why use a 737?

The 737-800 has all the modern functionality you'll be expected to know on today's aircraft. It also requires a lot of manual control, meaning that you will understand aircraft systems better learning on a 737 than on an A320. Our instructor, Craig, also has 7000+ hours on the 737 and knows the systems through and through.

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